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The Grid Esports Announces First Sponsored Teams


The Grid Esports Announces First Sponsored Teams

Dan Allen

August 31, 2021

The Grid Esports™ Announces First Sponsored Teams

Will Compete in North American and International Tournaments
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The Grid Esports, Northwest Arkansas’ only premier video gaming center, announces its first phase of sponsored teams who will compete in tournaments both in the US and abroad (online). 

“Esports is the fastest growing new sport in the world and is now gaining traction in America”, said Erin Ternes, The Grid’s media relations director.  “We opened last October and hosted our first tournament in November.”  Ternes explained that tournaments were held online during the height of the pandemic, “but we’re finally starting to host in-person competitions again and the response has been fantastic.” A recent Smash Bros tournament at The Grid saw almost 100 entrants. 

Ternes added that the owners had plans for organized teams from the very start. “Our owners had the foresight to see the need for competitive teams even before our venue was built and that’s now coming full circle.” She commented that the Call of Duty team won the very first tournament it entered in Kansas City and recently placed 3rd out of 64 teams in another tournament. 

“Northwest Arkansas has, for its size, a good pool of talented esports players and most of them are now a member of The Grid Crusaders.  Some are in the top 5% in North America,” Ternes stated.  “Our custom-made PCs and fiber optic internet allow us to match up with any video gaming center in the world.”

Below is the list of the first phase of the Crusaders with two more teams to be added late summer. Drake Welch and Hunter Duke are Crusaders Team Operations Directors.  Contact Erin Ternes for player interviews and access to The Grid to shoot video. 

Call of Duty Crusaders

Brock Harry aka “Kintzo”

Daniel Martinez aka “Bean Barrage”

Hayden Hyles aka “Klutch”

Jacob McLendon aka “Janitor”

Jake Lowrey aka “Current”


League of Legends Crusaders

Thomas Ramsay aka “Cubzee” 

Drake Mayes aka “Catematics”

Anthony White aka “Phantom”

Alex Gentry aka “LaughWizard”

Elijah Voudries aka “Ahanexling

Blake Stogdill aka “Thatoneguynos”

Charles Karras aka “Charlie Karras”

Drake Davis aka “Darknegan”


Smash Brothers Crusaders

Mauricio Perundi aka “NoSmo”

Jared Clements aka “Sage the ghost”

Eddie Chambers aka “Young Fritz”

Cody White aka “Cen”

Luis Torres aka “Majin”

Brady Gilleran aka “Bordi”

Samuel Cecil aka “Smile” 


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