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Esports Career Pathways – Marketing

Esports Careers

Esports Career Pathways - Marketing

March 8, 2021

The rapid growth of esports has created jobs that didn't exist ten years ago. Esports organizations are now demanding highly skilled workers who are able to teach and lead teams, develop multimedia, and analyze data in an esports environment. To date, Hitmarker has recorded over 11,000 active esports jobs and this number is expected to grow dramatically over the coming years. If you're passionate about esports and want to chart a path in the industry, or just follow the business scene, pop over every Thursday as we showcase the multitude of opportunities this space has to offer!

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In today's online world, a team that has a marketing specialist to organize and strategize content is miles ahead of the competition. This is no different in esports as creating an online presence and expanding marketability are critical to the longevity of an esports company. 

Esports can be identified as a part of the technology sector, and we primarily see digital marketing specialists working with these companies to build marketable brands for teams and organizations. A marketer in esports can find themselves working in a variety of different areas, including social media, advertising, content creation, social networking, and more.

When compared to traditional industries, esports brands typically have a younger, more digitally connected audience, providing major opportunities for content marketing where the boundaries between education, entertainment, and advertising can become blurred. Content creation through social media such as Youtube, Twitch, Tiktok, Facebook, eFuse, and other platforms can lead to high user engagement and retention.

Ultimately, the goal of a marketing lead for an esports brand is to attract players/users who will continue to engage with the community and become brand champions. Pursuing an Esports Career Pathway in Marketing is a unique and highly demanded job role in the industry that's here to make waves.

If you do decide to pursue marketing in esports, you have a plethora of options for where to pursue your post secondary education.

University of California Irvine offers an exemplary Esports Management certificate program preparing students to turn a passion for gaming into a viable career. With a great advisory board of top industry leaders, this program is sure to set you on the right path for a successful career. In addition to this, UCI has a wonderful Business Marketing program that you can pair this certificate with. You will have expertise in business-to-business, business-to-consumer, and internet marketing. You'll study marketing strategy, pricing, product development, promotions, selling, communications, social media and consumer behavior and they use modeling, surveys, experiments and interviews. Pairing this major with the Esports Management certification will give you a well rounded start in Esports Marketing.

University Of New Haven offers a Master of Science in Esports Business which is 100% online and takes just 1 year to complete. Branded as the first esports business master program in North America, this is a notable program definitely worth looking into! University of New Haven also offers a great Bachelors in Marketing. With a rigorous and rewarding program covering aspects such as e-commerce, social media, database marketing, Google AdWords, and more this Bachelors degree combined with the Masters in Esports will add a powerful duo to your professional arsenal. It’s not every day you see someone with double masters degrees!

At Northwestern Universities School of Professional Studies their programs offer an Esports Certification Program with 4 unique classes preparing students for the ever changing world of esports. This is a program that you should take a look at to sharpen your career! And at the esteemed Kellogs Northwestern Business School, you can major in Marketing. Their program provides students with marketing strategy frameworks that enable firms to apply insights when creating and responding to disruptions in the marketplace. Students who complete the marketing major understand how to deliver superior customer experiences that strengthen competitive advantage and drive sustainable growth. Paired with the certification, students will have a unique competitive advantage in esports marketing.

To get a start or take a firsthand look at marketing roles in the industry, you can visit and click on "Jobs" to view the different employment openings that are offered. There are plenty of marketing related jobs from graphics designers, UI/UC designers, VFX artists for higher level positions such as this position by EA which is the "Development Director of Art".

If you are interested in the Marketing scene, a good start would be to browse the opportunities around eFuse to get a sense for how roles and their responsibilities are defined.

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